Why Did Robinson Cano Take Lasix?

By Dr. Wyatt Kupperman

Do you remember watching Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa destroying baseballs?  Maybe I was naïve then, but I thought it was “real”….hey, I was 13.  But as a collective group we were all transfixed on the home runs and the possibility of record breaking greatness.  Well, the Maris record was “broken”, but greatness?  Debatable.  Since then we have gone from the Mitchell Report to a full fledged documentary that inadvertently stumbled onto a state-sponsored doping program (not a plug).

In between we have had significant denials.  Authored books by Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis (full disclosure: I bought them both, and believed them… for a time) to some ridiculously can’t-make-up stories, as one such great ball player was caught with a whizzinator.  Have fun on the Google machine with that one.

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