Why Michael Porter Jr. Fell in the Draft

By Dr. Ankur Verma


Michael Porter Jr. (TonyTheTiger).

In the hours leading up to the 2018 NBA Draft, that sound you heard was the rush of NBA writers everywhere updating their mock drafts.  According to various sources, a recent medical report caused enough concern among teams that Porter—once a candidate for the top overall pick and, more recently, a candidate to go #2 to the Kings or #4 to Memphis—was now projected to drop out of the top half of the lottery.  Some draftniks even had him out of the top 10.

The heresy proved to be more than correct: Porter fell all the way to pick #14, where the Denver Nuggets scooped him up.

We previously wrote about Porter’s back injury and how it may impact his pro career, but teams were well aware of this issue heading into draft season.  Porter had missed nearly the whole college season, after all.

So why did Porter suffer a nearly Aaron Rodgers-like fall?

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Complete NBA Draft Injury Series

By Dr. Ankur Verma


(Source: bikeride from Canton, CT, USA/Flickr).

In the lead up to the 2018 NBA Draft, we have taken a look at various prospects that have injury question marks on their resumes.  Using the information available—as well as our medical knowledge, statistics, historical precedence, and the players’ actual basketball skills—we have tried to project the draft stocks of these players, and in some instances indicated at what range an NBA front office should feel comfortable drafting them.

The prospects have ranged from prominent lottery picks to dark-horse second rounders.

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