The Hit on Brooks Orpik

By Dr. Wyatt Kupperman

Credit: Keith Allison.

They finally did it! The Washington Capitals have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Twenty long agonizing years for Caps fans filled with immense promise and expectation (full disclosure: die-hard Caps fan). The realization has yet to sink in for me, but come Monday night, the Capitals will play their first Stanley Cup game since 1998 (Editor’s note: die-hard Red Wings fan here.  Sorry we beat you in ’98 and caused your lifelong misery).  Storylines abound for this Cup Final: Ovechkin and Backstrom finally getting to the Finals.  GMGM somehow getting an expansion Vegas Golden Knights team to the ultimate stage for a chance at Lord Stanley, something he failed to do with a loaded Washington Capitals roster for years.  And “The Flower”, Marc-Andre Fleury, getting to showcase the huge mistake the Penguins made by letting him go.

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