Complete NBA Draft Injury Series

By Dr. Ankur Verma


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In the lead up to the 2018 NBA Draft, we have taken a look at various prospects that have injury question marks on their resumes.  Using the information available—as well as our medical knowledge, statistics, historical precedence, and the players’ actual basketball skills—we have tried to project the draft stocks of these players, and in some instances indicated at what range an NBA front office should feel comfortable drafting them.

The prospects have ranged from prominent lottery picks to dark-horse second rounders.

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Michael Porter Jr.

Lonnie Walker, Rawle Alkins, and Jarred Vanderbilt

Bruce Brown

Justin Jackson

Kevin Hervey

NBA Draft Injury Series: Kevin Hervey’s ACL Tears

By Dr. Ankur Verma


The NBA Combine has wrapped up and the deadline for declaring for the draft has passed as well.  Teams are bringing in prospects for personal workouts and formulating their draft boards.  Of course, medicals play a huge part in their evaluations.

In honor of that, we are looking at 2018 NBA Draft prospects and trying to determine if we can glean anything about their future based on their respective injury red flags.

The draft is June 21.

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For our analysis of Bruce Brown, click here.

For our analysis of Justin Jackson, click here.

As always, we’re not privy to specific medical information for these prospects; we’re just trying to draw conclusions based on available public information.

Today, we’ll look at dark horse first-rounder Kevin Hervey.

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